Trave - (n.) a crossbeam or formal support structure
against which others can rise

What happens when a denim brand takes a directional approach to design, studying its fits and engineering fabrics
to make all elements align?
The perfect pair of jeans.

TRAVE is uncompromising on craft. From fit to construction, thread colors to washes, every TRAVE design is thoroughly studied before the first stitch. Founder I.J. Kim brings his expertise in engineering to denim, and his experience has taught him that the harmonious cooperation of each component is critical in creating a structure - whether that be a bailey bridge or a pair of jeans.

The collection blends art and architecture in the only denim styles you'll ever need. In vintage-inspired washes and enduring silhouettes, design details come across as natural and authentic,
never contrived.

TRAVE denim is designed to outlast trends and maintain a permanent place in your closet as the foundation of a modern wardrobe.